The Meditation course follows the Introductory. In this meditation course we learn techniques and practice of Concentration and Meditation, Silencing the Mind, Developing higher faculties such as Imagination and Intuition, Expanding and Awakening Consciousness, Experiencing the Greater Reality of our Being, Knowing Ourselves and Dissolving Psychological Defects such as Greed, Anger, Self Importance, Laziness, etc. In short, Gnostic Meditation is practiced to directly experience the Mysteries.

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Meditation Topics

  1. Relaxation
  2. Meditation through Rhythmic Breathing
  3. Meditation through Respiratory Exercises
  4. The Science of Meditation
  5. Meditation Chamber
  6. The Eternal Feminine
  7. Egyptian Christic Pranayama
  8. Concentration and Meditation
  9. The Kundalini & the 7 Chakras
  10. The Cardias
  11. Practice “WU”

Topics Continued

  1. Om Mani Padme Hum
  2. The Sutra of the Heart
  3. Practice to solicit help from the V.M. of the Ray of Medicine
  4. Practice with the Elementals of the Body
  5. The Lord’s Prayer
  6. Imagination Practice
  7. Esoteric Discipline of the Mind
  8. The Yoga of Sleep /Dream Yoga
  9. Comprehension, Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition & Human Problems
  10. Concrete Didactic for the Dissolution of the Ego and Intimate Psychoanalysis
  11. The Ten Rules of Meditation